Zucchini fondue

Zucchini fondue This afternoon at the agency, there was pizza for everyone. And after this wild mix of felt 15 types of pizza I was looking for something simple this evening with not too complex taste.

I searched the www for a suitable recipe and was promptly on one of my favorite sites for cooking inspiration (thank you Anke).

Originally the recipe comes from Hans Gerlach. If you want to read the genesis, click here. Exciting is definitely that you need extremely few ingredients and can conjure up a stunning meal:

For 2 people

coarse rub 1 kg of zucchini with shell

and with

salt of black pepper and fresh thyme (the leaves of about 5 twigs) with a dash of olive oil and 2 cloves of garlic in small slices

Zucchini fondue

That's it even (almost).
After about 45 minutes, the zucchini grated shreds.

Then grate 100 g of spicy cheese and stir until it has melted (eg mountain cheese or Gruyere, milder varieties are too neutral) .

If the consistency is too thick, simply add a dash of water. The whole should not be as liquid as soup

Then the "fondue" in bowls and serve with your personal favorite bread.
Everyone breaks off bits of his bread and dunked them. p>

DELICIOUS !!! The zucchini develop a wonderfully simple aroma, complemented by garlic and thyme. The man was also delighted.